You're welcome to Softkeys Academy Piano Lessons, your #1 online piano tutorial platform. You're about to begin your path to mastering the piano keyboard. In just one week, if you read and follow the lessons on this website, you will be able to play the piano. Or do you believe this isn't the case? Why would I chose to deceive you? and what would I gain by doing so?

 Allow me to use one of my students as an example. He began his piano lessons with me, and on the eighth day of our lessons, I was surprised to see him perform a tune. I know you'll surprise yourself even more if you decide to take things seriously.

Despite the fact that my situation was unique, I still want to use myself as an example. I started playing the piano keyboard nearly as soon as I got my hands on one? Wow. Well, this is because the first person who taught me how to play the piano did not go in-depth in the theoretical aspects of music and piano with me. I began to play, but my spirit was unsettled since, while I knew how to play, I had no idea what I was doing. Victor, on the other hand, is a blessing from God. I didn't want to say his name because I didn't want to offend him. 

This was the brother who called me, sat me down, and gave me the light that I'm still moving with because he's a piano master. He knows that I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I continued with him for a very long time until he left for service and let me say at this time, I have came up to a certain level. I never stopped there but let's leave the story for another day…

It's not my intention to make this too long, I'm simply a chatty person but I plead with you to pardon my manners. Without wasting time, let me introduce you to the piano keyboard with a lesson I termed "Piano Layout"

Below is a diagram of a piano keyboard that is described. This section will help you grasp how a piano keyboard is laid out.

Let's start with an unlabeled piano keyboard layout, which is one without note names. The piano keyboard layout in the first image contains two octaves and a total of 24 notes. There are 36 black keys and 52 white keys in an 88-key piano. 31 black keys and 45 white keys are found on 76-key keyboards, 25 black keys and 36 white keys are found on 61-key keyboards, and 20 black keys and 29 white keys are found on 49-key keyboards.

When a piano newbie looks at the keys for the first time, they may feel overwhelmed. "How do I remember so many notes?" you might wonder. However, as we will see later, it is fairly simple to comprehend.


Let's take a look at the black and white key arrangement patterns on the piano keyboard. This will assist you in navigating the piano keyboard. Let's get started...

 The black keys of the piano are separated into three groups of three black keys and two groups of two black keys.

Finding and Playing Groups of Two Black Keys: 

Look closely on your piano keyboard, try locating two black note that are closest. Find and play all the groups of two black keys. 

Finding and Playing Groups of Three Black Keys: 

Also take a close glance at your piano keyboard and locate the group of three black notes. Find and play all the groups of three black keys.

Playing Groups of Three White Keys: 

Find and play all the three white key groupings that surround the two black key groups.

Playing Groups of Four White Keys:

 Find and play all of the four white key groups that surround the three black key groups.


You'll be able to navigate the piano keyboard by recognizing the patterns of black and white keys!

Now! go ahead and practice what you've just learnt on your piano keyboard…

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