You're welcome to the second stage of your piano  online piano lessons . In the previous section we discussed about piano layout and the arrangement of the black and white keys. In this part of the piano tutorial, we're going to discuss on the Musical Alphabets.

At the end of this lesson, you should be able to know all the alphabets in music and names of each note in the piano keyboard.

Musical alphabets were taken from the first seven letters of the English Alphabet ABCDEFG. These have become universal alphabets chosen by music philosophers. These alphabets are used in naming the lines and spaces. In the construction of musical instruments such as: Violin strings ,guitar strings, flute, recorder holes, keys of the keyboard instruments, etc.

CLEF: The clef is a symbol drawn at the beginning of the staff to fix the position of letter names of the lines and spaces. The staff cannot be determined if a clef sign is not placed on it. Generally, there are three  major clefs commonly used, such as:

Treble clef known as G clef

Bass clef known as F Clef

C clef known as moveable clef. C clef will be discussed later.

Example of Clef signs:

Treble Clef Sign

Bass clef sign

                          TREBLE CLEF OR G CLEF

Treble clef is also called G clef. On the staff, this symbol makes a loop encircling the second line which is G line of that clef. This gave that staff another name "G Clef"

Eg. Treble Clef or G Clef

The treble clef or G Clef is fixed on the set of five parallel lines and four equal spaces. These lines and spaces have names taken from the first seven letters of the English alphabets A B C D E F G. They are known as musical alphabets.

                          BASS CLEF OR F CLEF

Bass clef is also called F Clef. It is because the symbol is placed on the staff line F, which is the fourth line of that staff.

Eg Bass Clef or F Clef

The symbol of the Bass clef has two dots above and below the fourth line.The symbol rests on that fourth line which is F line, which gives it the second name F Clef. This clef cannot be complete without the two dots because they guard the fourth line, line F from where the F name is derived.

                 USES OF TREBLE CLEF OR G CLEF:

1. To write music for high female voices like soprano and alto.

2. To write music for high- pitch musical instruments such as flute,clarinet etc

3. To write music for open or separate scores.


1. To write music for low male voices like Tenor, Baritone or Bass.

2. To write music for low pitched insuruments such as Trombone, Tuba,etc.

3. To write music for separate part score.


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